The legacy of Zeb Atlas

Posted by ErikT on October 7th, 2014 — Posted in Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas is certainly a hairy bear who likes to enjoy the company of fresh meat. He had starred in three movies in men dot com and normally likes to get stuck knee-deep into some cute young thing with some such notable examples as Tyler Morgan and Johnny Rapid. The scene is called The Legacy and constitutes part of Big Dicks at School series which incorporates many classroom fantasies which many of us have probably dreamed about. It runs for 25 minutes and is a very well choreographed scene which has opportunities which has high production values.

It has quite a brief plot which is fairly simple to understand. Zeb Atlas is sat at his desk in the full suit and tie get up which really does make him like an authentic teacher and allows you to get transported into the classroom. He has a big bushy bearded which is matched by the thick, bushy hair on his pubes which will certainly get the males of the world excited. Little Johnny Rapid is just one of those males who comes into the room for a seemingly innocent one-one with his counsellor which soon develops into something a little bit more sexual.

Johnny is instructed to strip down for a physical examination which Zeb Atlas would no doubt relish. Zeb Atlas then proceeds to seduce his student which leads him to be quite excited and want to tear into young Johnny and give him some serious attention. However, there is a little bit more to it than that, in that it is a mutual physical attraction, as Johnny wants to get down and dirty with Zeb Atlas as well. Johnny wants to give it back to Zeb Atlas just as much as Johnny does and there are many things which come out of the scene, the first is that Zeb Atlas wants to explore his young companion’s ass as much as he possibly can.

From this moment onwards, we certainly start to see the younger/older contrast at its best with Johnny servicing Zeb Atlas’s cock as the older man undresses from his work clothes and tries to choke Johnny by sticking his cock deep into the young lad’s mouth. Then Johnny is entered on all fours. It is safe to say that Johnny has gone to the right place to get something to attend to his needs. Watch more of Zeb Atlas at

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