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This Str8 To Gay movie start off with some great music playing as the camera films along the beautiful beach with a few hunky men walking by the sea as it rolls in. A lonely rainbow flag flies high on the top of a hill Rafael Alencar dives into the outdoor swimming pool and we see from underneath as his body breaks through the water. He looks amazing as he comes up for air and he sees Garrett Cooper rubbing his cock through his swimming trunks as he lies down watching him. Rafael beckons him to come over which Garrett does, in joins him in the shallow end of the pool and as their lips meet they kiss each other.
rafael alencar
As they kiss, they grind their hips into each other and their cocks rub hard against each other. Rafael strips both of their swimming trunks off and can feel the water lap against his sensitive smooth ball sack. Rafael leans over as Garrett sits down on the edge and sucks on his thick erect dick. Garrett grunts with lust as Rafael deep throats his cock and massages his balls at the same time. Garrett spreads his legs as he gets sucked off showing off his asshole to Rafael. Rafael runs his thumb over his tiny crack and tells him to turn around so that he can eat his ass. Garrett can’t stop moaning with deep and satisfying pleasure as Rafael licks around his rim at first and then shoves his tongue in as deep as he can.

Rafael comes out of the pool and sits right on the very edge as Garrett climbs on top of him and rides his cock as Rafael thrusts his cock in and out of him in a perfect rhythm.
The camera zooms in and we watch mesmerized as these two gods fuck each other like crazy as the sun caresses their hot bodies. They fuck in the missionary position and then doggy style, never stopping as their excitement grows as they bang away faster and faster until they feel their cocks begin to swell. Garrett Cooper cums first by sending think globs of his thick white spunk all over Rafael Alencar chin. Rafael stands up and does the same back to Garrett; his cum shooting out over Garrett’s waiting tongue. Garrett sucks his cum coated cock and they kiss each other and then on to the next man wherever he will be, because on Fire Island that is always guaranteed: a man looking for cock or ass wherever you go. See all Rafale Alencar videos at gaypornstarstube.xxx

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