Does Adam Killian have the biggest toy ?

Posted by ErikT on October 20th, 2014 — Posted in Adam Killian

After going a long time without seeing a new movie from Gods of Men, we have finally been presented with The Black Room. This movie features one of the biggest cocks ever seen on, so it was worth the long wait. Adam Killian from is the star of this show, who also performed in “My Neighbour’s Son,” “The Bodyguard” and “The Limo Driver.” The ever-sexy Adam Killian tends to shoot one-offs instead of series. He has appeared in a total of 23 movies so far, with this one being one of the best. Adam Killian carries an 11.5 inch cock, so it’s no wonder why he is so popular. He is also extremely sexy in other areas and never fails to put on a good show.

The scene begins in the Black Room with Saxon West, a new actor with red hair and a solid 8.5 inch dick. Saxon and Adam Killian are both inked up, with Saxon being fit and a bit on the chunkier side. There is no introduction or build-up to start the scene. It immediately starts in a dark room where Saxon goes straight to Adam Killian and begins kissing him. Luckily for us, this is one of the lighter black rooms so we get to see everything that goes on instead of just imagining it.

Before you you can blink, Saxon goes down and stuffs Adam Killian’s huge cock all the way down his throat. When the guys strip down to nothing, the camera pans out to reveal candles placed throughout the room, which makes it look like a shrine to the gods of men. Adam Killian starts riming the ass of Saxon and then plays around with it with his hard dick. Saxon appears that he can handle the length that Adam Killian is sporting, but anyone who watches this video will gasp when Adam Killian forces the huge dick into Saxon’s hole. That’s when the bang session really begins. Adam Killian at times pulls his cock all the way out and then slams it back in repeatedly. While Saxon is getting drilled, he is also playing with his own hard cock until he can’t hold it anymore. He whips around and unloads his junk all over Adam Killian’s sexy body.

At that point, the scene slows down and gets a little quieter, which sets a more intimate atmosphere. Finally, it gets louder when Adam Killian cums all over Saxon’s face, who takes it like a champ. Be on the look out for red- headed Saxon in the future. He could be the next star in the making.

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