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Neighbours in parts 1

Friday, April 8th, 2016

Tommy Regan is more than happy after he has been fucked by his straight neighbours in parts 1 and 2, and now Adam Bryant and Ricky Larkin are going to teach him a lesson he will never forget. It’s all been filmed by for ‘Str8 To Gay’ and for our pleasure, giving us a great hardcore threesome.
Tommy Regan is a cute smooth young man with a lean, pale body. He is five feet seven inches tall, has brown hair, hazel eyes and he is a slutty bottom with a seven inch circumcised cock. Tommy has starred in nine flicks for is far and was last seen getting his slutty ass fucked by Jack King in ‘Young Conservatives, Part 3.’

Rafael Alencar at

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

This Str8 To Gay movie start off with some great music playing as the camera films along the beautiful beach with a few hunky men walking by the sea as it rolls in. A lonely rainbow flag flies high on the top of a hill Rafael Alencar dives into the outdoor swimming pool and we see from underneath as his body breaks through the water. He looks amazing as he comes up for air and he sees Garrett Cooper rubbing his cock through his swimming trunks as he lies down watching him. Rafael beckons him to come over which Garrett does, in joins him in the shallow end of the pool and as their lips meet they kiss each other.
rafael alencar
As they kiss, they grind their hips into each other and their cocks rub hard against each other. Rafael strips both of their swimming trunks off and can feel the water lap against his sensitive smooth ball sack. Rafael leans over as Garrett sits down on the edge and sucks on his thick erect dick. Garrett grunts with lust as Rafael deep throats his cock and massages his balls at the same time. Garrett spreads his legs as he gets sucked off showing off his asshole to Rafael. Rafael runs his thumb over his tiny crack and tells him to turn around so that he can eat his ass. Garrett can’t stop moaning with deep and satisfying pleasure as Rafael licks around his rim at first and then shoves his tongue in as deep as he can.

Rafael comes out of the pool and sits right on the very edge as Garrett climbs on top of him and rides his cock as Rafael thrusts his cock in and out of him in a perfect rhythm.
The camera zooms in and we watch mesmerized as these two gods fuck each other like crazy as the sun caresses their hot bodies. They fuck in the missionary position and then doggy style, never stopping as their excitement grows as they bang away faster and faster until they feel their cocks begin to swell. Garrett Cooper cums first by sending think globs of his thick white spunk all over Rafael Alencar chin. Rafael stands up and does the same back to Garrett; his cum shooting out over Garrett’s waiting tongue. Garrett sucks his cum coated cock and they kiss each other and then on to the next man wherever he will be, because on Fire Island that is always guaranteed: a man looking for cock or ass wherever you go. See all Rafale Alencar videos at

Str8 Gay Porn By Johnny Rapid

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

With this report two guys are spending time with your family. Tool emperor is included in the telephone. Johnny Rapid is ready for many fun. The guy pretends to bum him, shoving his/her lead into his/her genital. Flag is really made to stop the phone call. The straight adult male turns out to be hard and within moments their/her denim jeans is up and issues start to get very hot. At Str8 to Samesex we like viewing straight boys manage brave issues. Tool might be piece stressed and unsure to begin with but the guy at a fast rate transforms their brain and gives into some seriously sunny explicit motion.

Hump or bundle begin down with our two lads, port King and Johnny Rapid, holding completely at residence. Port is on the cellphone and Johnny wants to participate in horseplay and sleeping about. The man holds coming as much as Jack and pretends to find their backside, or holds temperature butting weak Jack from inside the fork. Distracted, flag ends their or her phone phone call to handle Johnny. Johnny demands him or her if they enjoys all that gay things. Of the height and width of the bag in Jack’s jeans there isn’t any doubt that he does along these lines homosexual play. Johnny notices the tough happen in Jack’s pants and has now them away in mere moments, therefore allowing it the means to accessibility the straight prick he wishes to pull.

Both of them males after that make the method to the sleep, and Donato bends Johnny in the mattress in a doggy-style place together with his bum holding during the side of the pad and his joints on to the ground. Then he spits throughout the head of their or her tricky club and clicks this against Johnny’s fast ass until he finally makes the lead inside the house.

Ultimately, flag places Johnny on his as well as comes her thighs high to the oxygen, enabling Johnny to tug away as his/her rear is currently being moved. Johnny splashes an awesome batch of ejaculate all around us, and in moments port takes off and sprays his very own bunch of cream all around his not-quite-so-straight-after-all friend. We are left with a few of cute laughs, understanding that these two straight dudes can be prepared to try additional gay erotic if and when they will be able to achieve this task.

Video of a videos of gay men review

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

You Owe myself opens up with a gaol world.  Younger gay men Emanuel Brazzo has actually obtained themselves into some difficulty, and requirements to be bailed over by his hot, dark companion Trey Turner.  Trey will just the correct thing and bails his lover, but he is annoyed.  “Have you figured out exactly just how a lot it are priced at us to enable you to have away?” Trey requires as they have during the automobile to push house.  Trey features Emanuel in the financial obligation, and it also is certainly perhaps not very long before the man begins to profit in on his bad friend’s bad luck.  While he is nevertheless driving, we all see Trey pressure Emanuel’s mind down onto his waiting dick.

This suck fest goes on for over five minutes! Emanuel eventually will get to rest their numb lips, and aching jaw whenever Trey enables the youthful hunk to rim his dark anus. Subsequently Troy decides to end up being wonderful and then he returns the support of a nice hit job and provide Emanuel’s dick some a lot needed attention. This results in another long suck fest.Trey decides he is the one that would like to be top guy, and he wants to discipline Emanuel when it comes to terrible deeds he did the evening before that arrived him behind pubs.

The kids arrive house and mind inside to finish whatever these people have begun. This world happens to be created by Drill My Hole, and even though their flicks often have a great tale line, this world will get straight down to gay videos-of men business.  Two moments into the arena all of us find both of these tanned and nicely well toned designs difficult at work into the bed room. Emanuel is moving to need to function tough to shell out down their financial obligation to Trey.

The two Latin lovers get nude and Trey goes straight to function and drives his heavy, hard dick straight up Emanuel’s butt – tough and mad. Trey punishes Emanuel’s ass for a great 15 minutes, Emanuel requires it all with delight and discomfort. Trey will get Emanuel is some really awesome roles and goes on to pound him throughout the scene. He will continue to discipline the freaky boy until Emanuel cannot keep back any longer and shoots a noisy load of jizz all around the spot. Trey shortly uses together with their own release, while the video concludes.