Does Adam Killian have the biggest toy ?

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After going a long time without seeing a new movie from Gods of Men, we have finally been presented with The Black Room. This movie features one of the biggest cocks ever seen on, so it was worth the long wait. Adam Killian from is the star of this show, who also performed in “My Neighbour’s Son,” “The Bodyguard” and “The Limo Driver.” The ever-sexy Adam Killian tends to shoot one-offs instead of series. He has appeared in a total of 23 movies so far, with this one being one of the best. Adam Killian carries an 11.5 inch cock, so it’s no wonder why he is so popular. He is also extremely sexy in other areas and never fails to put on a good show.

The scene begins in the Black Room with Saxon West, a new actor with red hair and a solid 8.5 inch dick. Saxon and Adam Killian are both inked up, with Saxon being fit and a bit on the chunkier side. There is no introduction or build-up to start the scene. It immediately starts in a dark room where Saxon goes straight to Adam Killian and begins kissing him. Luckily for us, this is one of the lighter black rooms so we get to see everything that goes on instead of just imagining it.

Before you you can blink, Saxon goes down and stuffs Adam Killian’s huge cock all the way down his throat. When the guys strip down to nothing, the camera pans out to reveal candles placed throughout the room, which makes it look like a shrine to the gods of men. Adam Killian starts riming the ass of Saxon and then plays around with it with his hard dick. Saxon appears that he can handle the length that Adam Killian is sporting, but anyone who watches this video will gasp when Adam Killian forces the huge dick into Saxon’s hole. That’s when the bang session really begins. Adam Killian at times pulls his cock all the way out and then slams it back in repeatedly. While Saxon is getting drilled, he is also playing with his own hard cock until he can’t hold it anymore. He whips around and unloads his junk all over Adam Killian’s sexy body.

At that point, the scene slows down and gets a little quieter, which sets a more intimate atmosphere. Finally, it gets louder when Adam Killian cums all over Saxon’s face, who takes it like a champ. Be on the look out for red- headed Saxon in the future. He could be the next star in the making.

Men For Sale With Rocco Reed

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The new – but one of others – on-going hardcore movie series, from Drill My Hole, “Men For Sale”, sees its conclusion in this episode. A guy is kidnapped, and Rocco Reed and Jerec Wentworth has set out to find him. They manage to make their way into a building, where the baddie behind a human trafficking ring operates, “The Lair of Dark Caber”. This is where rich guys have been paying a fortune to hump hunk asses and where many innocent hunks have been stored after being abducted. It is Rocco Reed and Jarec’s mission to put a stop to it all.
This episode starts off with Rocco Reed and Jarec Wentworth tied up and plotting their escape plan, to later be met by Dirk, when they managed to put their plan into action. This escape plan involved sex, which after enough of heated play between Rocco Reed and Jarec, Dirk gets turned on and a steamy threesome begins. This interaction between the three is hot, you can totally forget that Rocco Reed and Jarec is in danger at this point. Their kissing is tender, the body stroking is tender and the muscle massages are tender as well, and the scene heads into the direction of a straight hardcore action scene. But, because of this being, you will expect it to be different and special.
The underwear that are worn are erotic and the opening sex session is as well. The fact that Rocco Reed is feasting on Dirk’s dick, while Jarec is eating his ass, is a pretty big turn on for starters. Then, Dirk sucks Rocco Reed, while jerking Jarec, and this can create a sense of many other possible swaps and changes, combinations and horny possibilities that a threesome can most definitely bring. But what really heats up this threesome is when Rocco Reed is bent over between Dirk and Jarec and is spit-roasted by their two hard cocks, one at each end of Rocco Reed. The build of speed and urgency within this interaction, almost leads to a climax but, things change: Dirk is now in the middle. Three heaving, humping and sweaty studs, are gasping and groaning in a hot basement, providing great close ups and long shots, to give the viewers the best views of the action.

The sex scene ends naturally and noisy, with a final wind down and tie up of the plot. But, will Rocco Reed and Jarec Wentwoth save the innocent victim? Or has the victim been transported elsewhere? Is it too late and will they be able to take the dangerous Dirk by surprise, even right after a steamy hot sex scene, and still escape? Stay tuned and check out the episode for yourself and see what you’ve been waiting to see. Watch more of Rocco Reed at – click here

Again Paddy o Brian sets the stage

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Drill My Hole gives us another intense sexual scene that is designed to stretch the limitations of your sexuality. Their unique scenes are considered to be a daily treat by many viewers. Every new scene revolves around the usage of hot porn actors, romantic settings, and dazzling chemistry. We see these characteristics in Party Balls. For example, Party Ball has an experienced actor working with a less experienced actor. A young guy learns new and exciting tricks from a seasoned master.

Trelino and Paddy o Brian sets the stage for the intriguing encounter. Trelino is a hot Latino stud that will make your mouth salivate. Paddy o Brian also has the looks that commands attention. Both guys get down to work after a brief introductory scene setting.

Trelino wastes no time in giving Paddy o Brian head. He licks the head and sucks the ball like an old-fashioned pro. Paddy o Brian leans his head back as Trelino pleases him. Paddy o Brian’s cock begins to rise to the occasion. Paddy o Brian places Trelino on his back. Trelino cannot get enough of Paddy o Brian’s massive cock. He continues to deep throat Paddy o Brian with high intensity.

The scene becomes more intense when both guys end up in the sixty-nine position. You can see that Paddy o Brian and Trelino are enjoying each other’s company. A rimming session takes place after both guys suck each others cock to completion. Trelino proceeds to get prepared for Paddy o Brian’s mighty rod. Paddy o Brian gets Trelino in position for his magical wand. Paddy o Brian pounds Trelino’s ass in the doggy style position. Trelino moans and groans with extreme passion. The scene ends with both guys shooting a hot load of jism. Trelino smiles after getting a facial from Paddy o Brian. Both guys are exhausted after taking their sexuality to a higher limit.

This is one incredible steaming scene you cannot afford to miss!

Is Rafael Alencar doing a “Cheating Loophole”

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Rafael Alencar and his mate are hanging out at the office. They are talking about all types of manly things like working out, getting ass, and how Rafael Alencar’s girlfriend won’t put out. He knows his girlfriend would be pissed if she ever found out he was cheating on her. Conner’s mate helps suggest that little Johnny is a great guy to hook up with and he just works right down the hall. Hooking up with a guy doesn’t count as cheating, does it? Johnny has the hots for Rafael Alencar and loves hooking up with guys. Rafael Alencar talks to Johnny about what it would be like to banging one another and how it won’t really count as cheating.

The Cheating Loophold, a Straight to Gay new movie, stars Rafael Alencar Maguire a six-foot-two redheaded sex machine. It also stars Johnny Rapid, a younger, smaller cute guy. The two talk about the matter as if they were talking about business. Johnny asks to see what he may be working with if he were to hook up with Rafael Alencar. Conner shows him his cock and within a matter of seconds Johnny started going down on Conner before he had a chance to get his pants off.
Johnny is sucking Rafael Alencars hard cock on the sofa and this straight guy is loving every bit of it. The two guys start stripping off their clothes slowly. Rafael Alencar stays clear of Johnny’s cock since he doesn’t want to appear gay one bit, but he doesn’t mind getting super close to his ass. They skip the hole kissing and licking and go straight for the cock in the ass hole. Conner sits lazy on the sofa while Johnny does all the hardcore riding work. Rafael Alencar gets almost all of his eight and half inches of cock in Johnny’s ass and starts bouncing up and down quickly. Btw, if you wanna watch some good videos of him in action check out his blog at ->
Rafael Alencar decided to get up and stand to drill Johnny even more while bent he’s bent over a counter. This way he can get all of his meaty cock into Johnny’s tight ass. Rafael Alencar ends up baning Johnny while he’s laying on his back. The two men unload their jizz all over Johnny’s cute little body. The straight guy Rafael Alencar is completely happy and his girlfriend will never have to find out because sleeping with another guy really isn’t cheating, is it?

Did Topher Dimaggio have a fantasy about his teacher?

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Did you ever have fantasies bout your school teachers? Did you lust after them and think about the way things should be in you getting your wicked way with them? Would you like to come across them alone in the showers after school and see them in all their romantic splendour. You could find your favourite master there and you could see him from afar and really relish the opportunity to do some damage on him. You just need to get closer. His big cock was there, filling you with sexual urges and you see that his cock was there for the taking and you wanted a piece of it. In addition to this, you thought about undressing and getting in the shower and not doing anything but your wildest fantasies.

Maybe this didn’t happen, but with the new Big Dicks At School you can relive that fantasy and it can certainly make you feel a lot better. In essence, it can be quite hard to replicate the scene in your head and it is something which can allow you to be quite enamoured with the scene. Topher Dimaggio is the old and wizened hunk who is the object of Tyler Morgan’s desires who can really make Tyler go mad with lust. In addition to this, Tyler wants him everytime he sees him and make him feel a lot better and not so uneven with hormones and the other things which teenagers suffer from. Furthermore, Tyler spies his master entering the shower, and he knows that he needs to take his chance.

He gets straight in there and always wants to get hold of stuff, including the big man’s cock and starts tossing it about in his hands and really enables him to get going before the inevitable climax. The smooth young twink starts servicing the bigger older man and there are so many comparisons which can be made here: little and large, old and young, smooth and hairy… so many things to compare, which really add the scene a certain authentic feel.

The action progresses to the locker room where Topher Dimaggio and Tyler really do get down to it and play with each other. Tyler gets drilled by his master and there is a certain power struggle going on which is quite thrilling to watch. The cum shots are probably the best and when Topher Dimaggio sucks Tyler off it certainly makes Tyler squirm with pleasure. In addition to this, the scene has a nice conclusion. Big Dicks at School is certainly something which has a nice younger/older feel.

A new Johnny Rapid in the Streaking plot

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It was graduation day at the Big Dicks At School, a school for sex. A naughty boy Johnny Rapid had a great plan to plot a streaking event to liven things up at the school. This plan did not go according to his plan. He ended up in his gown and mortar board at his teacher’s desk.
The teacher, Jessie Colter, ran off a whole list of misdemeanors that Johnny Rapid had during his time at school. Johnny Rapid was ordered to take off his gown even though he wasn’t wearing anything underneath in order to receive his punishments. Jessie doesn’t mind at all what he sees in front of him for Johnny Rapid is a very fit and muscular young man with a hard, perfectly round ass. Check out Johnny Rapid blog at !!!
Three minutes into Johnny Rapid’s punishment, he is down on his knees sucking on Jessie’s thick cock. His cock is now oiled and lubed, when Jessie starts to undress to show off his perfect, smooth body with nicely trimmed pubes. The two guys are completely naked and Jessie lays back over his desk so Johnny Rapid can get right onto his hard cock. During the scene, there are amazing close-up sucking action from Johnny Rapid, who has the sweetest pair of lips out of everyone in his class.

Jessie pulls away after 10 minutes of being sucked on and shoots his attention to Johnny Rapid’s cock. He puts Johnny Rapid across his desk and starts sucking on Johnny Rapid’s lengthy shaft and nuts. He fondles and squeezes his nuts and shaft while deep throating him. Johnny Rapid then starts to receive his ass punishment. The banging starts off on the desk when Johnny Rapid rides his teacher’s dick taking every inch of it up his perfect ass. He pushes hisshaft up and down fast and hard making his own hard cock slap back and forth on his belly. The teacher then wants another position from Johnny Rapid.
Johnny Rapid gets banged hard by his teacher and then towards the end gets to bang his teacher back. This is a punishment worth getting. This hot, horny scene becomes a shooting creamy one when they both release their jizz over each other. This is every man’s fantasy for when they are in school!

The legacy of Zeb Atlas

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Zeb Atlas is certainly a hairy bear who likes to enjoy the company of fresh meat. He had starred in three movies in men dot com and normally likes to get stuck knee-deep into some cute young thing with some such notable examples as Tyler Morgan and Johnny Rapid. The scene is called The Legacy and constitutes part of Big Dicks at School series which incorporates many classroom fantasies which many of us have probably dreamed about. It runs for 25 minutes and is a very well choreographed scene which has opportunities which has high production values.

It has quite a brief plot which is fairly simple to understand. Zeb Atlas is sat at his desk in the full suit and tie get up which really does make him like an authentic teacher and allows you to get transported into the classroom. He has a big bushy bearded which is matched by the thick, bushy hair on his pubes which will certainly get the males of the world excited. Little Johnny Rapid is just one of those males who comes into the room for a seemingly innocent one-one with his counsellor which soon develops into something a little bit more sexual.

Johnny is instructed to strip down for a physical examination which Zeb Atlas would no doubt relish. Zeb Atlas then proceeds to seduce his student which leads him to be quite excited and want to tear into young Johnny and give him some serious attention. However, there is a little bit more to it than that, in that it is a mutual physical attraction, as Johnny wants to get down and dirty with Zeb Atlas as well. Johnny wants to give it back to Zeb Atlas just as much as Johnny does and there are many things which come out of the scene, the first is that Zeb Atlas wants to explore his young companion’s ass as much as he possibly can.

From this moment onwards, we certainly start to see the younger/older contrast at its best with Johnny servicing Zeb Atlas’s cock as the older man undresses from his work clothes and tries to choke Johnny by sticking his cock deep into the young lad’s mouth. Then Johnny is entered on all fours. It is safe to say that Johnny has gone to the right place to get something to attend to his needs. Watch more of Zeb Atlas at